SCOPE Maastricht was created as the merger of former SBE study associations EFM Academy and FAME Cooperation in 2011. Other predecessor associations inlcude EFM Alfa and EFM Imperator. Although Maastricht University is one of the youngest universities in the Netherlands, our study association can look back at many generations of enthusastic and active members, who shaped the association with their ideas and passed the spirit on to the next generation. 

Our alumni community is of great importance to us. Their life experiences and advice are priceless and therefore it is very important that we pass this information on to our students and active members. Moreover, alumni can give us valuable insights into real business life. Organizing drinks, dinners and other activities realize the flow of information between our alumni and the students. They give us the opportunity to enrich our academic learning experience and can enhance future job prospects. 

If you are a former board member of SCOPE Maastricht, EFM Academy, EFM Alfa or EFM Imperator, you can stay in touch with us and your former fellow students via our Facebook SCOPE Maastricht - EFM Alumni Group.

For questions please contact our Vice President.

Honorary Members

"An Honorary Member should have given an extraordinary contribution to SCOPE. An Honorary Member will receive the title of Honorary Member for life." (SCOPE Maastricht Domestic Rules and Regulations - Article 11 a/b)

List of Honorary Members of SCOPE and predecessor associations:

Marnix Evers, EFM Alfa 1989

Maurice Horsten, EFM Alfa 1989

Frans Smits, EFM Alfa 1989

Trudie Veenstra, EFM Imperator 1990

Prof. Dr. Geert Hofstede, EFM Imperator 1992

Ivo Boschman, EFM Imperator 1995

Wim Vaessen, EFM Imperator 1995

Pedro Bazoquintana, EFM Academy 2004

Bram van Beek, EFM Academy 2004

Mark Joosten, EFM Academy 2004

Daniel Masny, EFM Academy 2010

Robert Tilch, SCOPE Maastricht 2015

Leann Poeth, SCOPE 2016