Information Event Extra Curricular Activities

Information Event Extra Curricular Activities May 23rd - 24th, 2017

Launch your career: Explore options to enrich your career profile

Are you a first or second year student interested in activities to engage in next to your study?

The career counsellors of SBE are offering you a session about the extracurricular opportunities that you can engage in at our school and outside. 

Career preparation is not only about the academic courses you take. It is also about the activities you do on the side, the skills you develop and the network you build. Engaging in extracurricular activities complements your educational curriculum and can be an exciting way to explore your preferences and strengths.

You could for example become an active member of SCOPE, do an internship or take a language course. There are numerous other possibilities that enrich your career profile. Learn more about them on Tuesday 23rd or Wednesday 24th. Please registerhere. Spots are limited.