Spanish Language Courses

Spanish Language Courses February 13th - March 2nd, 2017


After its introduction of language courses in the last academic year , SCOPE Academy is introducing language courses based on a students-tutor-students system again!

Do you want to have some extra fun next to your studies? Are you a person that is always up for new challenges? Did you sign up for a semester abroad in a country of which you do not speak the language yet? Then our beginners courses are the perfect opportunity to learn Spanish for you! Our motivated and experienced tutors will teach you all the basic grammar and vocabulary and will introduce you well to the new language. 

Did you already study Spanish in high school and started to lose the skills to actually speak it? Are you going abroad and want to refresh your language skills in order to start "communicating with locals" directly without any fear? Then our intermediary crash courses are the perfect opportunity for you to fresh up your language skills! Our tutors will help you to lose your fear of speaking the language, will remind you of some grammar you might have forgotten and will prepare you for any occasion for which you want to refresh Spanish!


Beginners Courses

6 sessions á 2 hours (1 per week).
Level: no previous language skills required. 
Goal: give you an introduction to the language and grammar, so that at the end of this period, you have learned all the basic skills required for a simple conversation with a native!
Price: €60 (SCOPE Members) - €100 (Non-Members)

Intermediary Courses

6 sessions á 2 hours (1 per week).
Level: some basic language skills required (e.g. previous education).
Goal: give you a ‘fresh-up’ course of the language, so that you can re-polish your speaking skills to be back on track to speak with no fear again!
Price: €60 (SCOPE Members) - €100 (Non-Members)

Courses start in week 2 of period 4!

Our students-tutor-students system enables us to offer a truly student-friendly price. If you would like to take part in our courses, please fill out the registration and make a course choice. After registration, you will receive a confirmation email. Before the first course starts, you will then be contacted by your tutor providing you with more information. Please note that we cannot offer official certificates.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact!