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Becoming a member of SCOPE Framework means that you will automatically become a member of SCOPE as well as one or more of the specialized associations depending on you field of study. The specialized associations are:  SCOPE | 3MASCOPE | EconomicsSCOPE | FOCUS and SCOPE | Vectum.

The majority of SBE students are members of SCOPE - in fact, with a member base of more than 3500 students SCOPE has become the largest Study Association in the South of the Netherlands. The benefits of membership are wide-ranging and include:

  • Access to study material and 15% discount on books needed for your classes
  • Study Trips (for example to Barcelona, Lisbon, Istanbul, Riga, London, Milan, Gdansk etc.; company visits included)
  • Foreign Trips (for example to Tel Aviv, Athens, Budapest etc.)
  • Exam Trainings and Extra Tutorials to help you through your studies
  • Workshops (for example on presentation skills)
  • Amazing parties and social events
  • Access to affiliated companies and sponsors
  • Career Events, like the Maastricht Business Days, Maastricht Finance Days or the Entrepreneurship Week Maastricht
  • Opportunity to become active in our committees, meet new faces and enjoy interesting activities together
  • and much more . . .

The costs of joining SCOPE are only 20€ per year for all students*. This fee can either be paid by cash during the Faculty Introduction Days (FIDs) or it can be retrieved directly by SCOPE. For more information about this payment, please contact


To register for SCOPE click here. Please be aware that by registering for SCOPE you accept the General Terms and Conditions.

*10€ per year for Econometrics & Operations Research students