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Honorary SCOPE members

"An Honorary Member should have given an extraordinary contribution to SCOPE. An Honorary Member will receive the title of Honorary Member for life." (SCOPE Maastricht Domestic Rules and Regulations - Article 11 a/b)

List of Honorary Members of SCOPE and predecessor associations:


Marnix Evers, EFM Alfa 1989

Maurice Horsten, EFM Alfa 1989

Frans Smits, EFM Alfa 1989

Trudie Veenstra, EFM Imperator 1990

Prof. Dr. Geert Hofstede, EFM Imperator 1992

Ivo Boschman, EFM Imperator 1995

Wim Vaessen, EFM Imperator 1995

Pedro Bazoquintana, EFM Academy 2004

Bram van Beek, EFM Academy 2004

Mark Joosten, EFM Academy 2004

Daniel Masny, EFM Academy 2010