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The SCOPE Board

The Board is responsible for the members of SCOPE Maastricht and has a leading role in guiding the association. The Board is subdivided into six positions, namely: President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Academic Activities Coordinator and Social Activities Coordinator. The current Board (2014-2015) consists of: 

 <br/><a href="" target="_blank">View Raw Image</a>(from left to right: Fabian Roeben, Helen Backhaus, Felix Baumert, Christian Reifenhäuser, Carolin van den Adel & Andreas Mavrocordatos) 

Andreas Mavrocordatos- President

The president task is divided into two parts, namely the internal coordination of the board, as well as the external representation of SCOPE Maastricht. Next to the final responsibility for the general behavior of SCOPE, he is specifically responsible for strategic planning and the implementation of strategic plans. Motivating all Board and Active Members, as well as coaching for good performance are vital tasks that aim at creating and maintaining an efficient and pleasant working atmosphere. Moreover, the president leads every board meeting, general member meetings and Control Body meetings. Finally, he maintains the contact with external parties, such as the other SCOPE associations, affiliated companies and other organisations. 


Carolin van den Adel- Vice President

The Vice President is of vital importance for our association since she should at all times be able to replace the president. She is responsible for administering and maintaining the SCOPE alumni network and organizes respective alumni activities, such as get-togethers and regular drinks. She leads the MyBuddy Committee, which organizes events for exchange-students and gives them the chance to become more integrated in Maastricht by having a regular student at Maastricht University as a buddy. From this year onwards she will be in charge of organyizing the Symposium, a major conference, where students get the chance to discuss about influencing topics.  Furthermore, the Vice President is the main contact person between students and the Book- and Studystore.


Helen Backhaus - Secretary

The Secretary is the backbone of our association. She is responsible for all administrative work within SCOPE, like the members administration and mail, responsible for the data structure on the server, for maintaining the communication with general and active members, for maintaining the relationship with external parties, managing the office supply and for the minutes of the board meetings and general members meetings. The SCOPE Blog, which publishes articles covering topics like lifestyle, people, Maastricht or the SBE on a daily basis, is the direct responsibility of the Secretary, as she supervises the PR Committee.


Fabian Roeben - Treasurer

The Treasurer addresses all questions concerning where the money of our association will be allocated. He is responsible for all financial business of SCOPE Maastricht. Moreover the Treasurer is responsible for financial decisions and budgets. Since the Treasurer is responsible for the financial health of SCOPE Maastricht, one has to get permission of the Treasurer when making any payment or investment in the name of SCOPE Maastricht. The treasurer is also responsible for collecting the membership fees of SCOPE members and collecting money for the activities, such as exam trainings and extra tutorials, we offer. 


Felix Baumert - Academic Activities Coordinator

The Academic Activities Coordinator is head of two committees, the Study Trip Committee and the Academic Committee. Together with the Study Trip Committee he organizes the two annual study trips, which offer a unique opportunity for students to get to know new and exciting cities and also get the chance to visit inspiring companies. Together with the Academic Committee he organizes recurring Extra Tutorials and Exam Trainings every block. As well as that he is responsible for the collection and publication of the study material. Additionally the Academic Activities Coordinator arranges block related activities such as workshops, lectures and information activities such as the 'Major Information Day' (MID) and the 'Study Choice Information Day' (SCID). He also organizes non-block related activities such as skill trainings and the Soft Skill Days. 


Christian Reifenhäuser - Social Activities Coordinator

The Social Activities Coordinator is responsible for two different committees; the Social Activities Committee as well as the Foreign Trip Committee. With the Social Activities Committee he organizes the SCOPE block parties such as the Kick-Off Party, as well as bigger events like Maastricht Mayhem or the Winterball. Active Member activities, such as the Active Member Day are organized by the committee as well, while the Active Member Weekend is organized by the Social Activities Coordinator with one other board member. As a responsible board member for the Foreign Trip Committee he makes sure that the Foreign Trip provides a balanced experience of academic and social activities according to our missions and values.