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SCOPE Committees

Members are welcome to get involved with our study association in one of our committees.

As an active member you will become part of the unique network of the largest study association of the School of Business and Economics. You will get to work with numerous inspiring and motivated people, get the chance to realize your ideas, gain practical experiences in project - and team management, make lasting friendships and create unforgettable memories.

Next to your work as a committee member, you will have the chance to join many of our social activities such as the weekly drink at the Preuverij, movie nights, pub quizzes, fun weekends, trips and other activities. Being a committee member will enrich your student life here in Maastricht and enable you to balance your academic and social life perfectly. Are you ready for the challenge?

For general questions about joining one of the committees, please contact our Secretary.

Currently the following committees exist.


Magazine Committee:

Do you like to write, edit, design and express your opinion? If you do, the SCOPE Maastricht Magazine Committee is the place for you. Join us and become a member of our dedicated team! Our magazine 'THE SCOPE' is a member's magazine but also a general interest publication, which is published on a semi-annual basis and also sent by mail to all members of SCOPE Maastricht. Our magazine consists out of a mix of serious and fun articles, interviews and events. The range of topics is up to you and your creative nature. The end product lies in your hands!

We are looking for motivated writers, editors and designers. If you want to see your articles published in 'The SCOPE' and be part of our vibrant tea, please contact our Secretary.

If you are interested in taking a look at 'The SCOPE' you can find it on our website under the tab Membership.


Masters Committee:

This committee is an opportunity for master students to organize social and academic events for fellow master students. Together we come up with new events that will help master students get the most of their limited time in Maastricht. These activities include poker evenings, workshops and company visits that give you an idea of the direction you want to pursue in your future career. Furthermore, every year we organize one study trip which creates a balance between having a fun trip and getting insights into different companies through company visits. If you are a master student and interested in working with us or have any more questions please contact our Vice President

Social Activities Committee:

As it is important in student life to socialize Scope Maastricht organizes block parties such as the Kick Off or a Boat Party. The Social Activities Coordinator and the Social Activities Committee organize these. The committee also organizes fun activities for the active members such as dinners, barbecues etc..If you are interested in organizing parties and other social activities, then join our Social Activities Committee!For Questions contact our Social Activities Coordinator

Education Committee:

A very important component of SCOPE Maastricht is the offering of its academic activities, such as extra tutorials, extensive exam trainings, workshops and skill trainings. Organized are these activities by the Academic Activities Coordinator and the Education Committee.If you are interested in the organization of such events, or if you have ideas for new activities, you are welcome to join the Education Committee!For questions contact our Academic Activities Coordinator

Study Trip Committee:

In the Study Trip Committee we plan city trips to various locations all around Europe. These trips usually last 3-4 days and aim to give students the opportunity to get to know a new city. But besides sightseeing and having fun there is also an educational aspects to the trips. The participants will have the chance to meet interesting people in their working environment and learn about their responsibilities at different company visits.Do you like travelling and planning trips? Are you interested in exploring European cities? Then join our Study Trip Committee!For questions contact our Academic Activities Coordinator

Foreign Trip Committee:

In the Foreign Trip Committee we plan a one-week trip to Europe or other continents. The goal is to enrich the student's life with combined academic and social activities. We want to give students the opportunity to get to know a new country and culture and visit companies to broaden their insight into the business world. Students can get to know their possibilities within the working field and find out more about their future job interests.If you like to organize trips and love to travel, then join our Foreign Trip Committee! For Questions contact our Social Activities Coordinator

My Buddy Committee:

The My buddy program gives both exchange-students and regular students a platform to connect with each other. The main objective of this program is to help exchange-students to be better integrated in Maastricht and allow regular students to discover a new culture.Being part of the My Buddy committee will give you the opportunity to come in contact and interact with these students from all around the world and broaden your horizon. Do you like to work in a multicultural environment? Are you motivated to come up with new, exciting events for the My Buddy program such as a international foodnight, pubcrawl, dinners,… you are invited to join our committee! For more information contact our Vice President