Student Initiatives

Are you setting up a student initiative? SCOPE can offer you many opportunities in establishing contact and support from Uni, finding funding for your initiative, reaching interested students and acquiring missing knowledge or expertise.

SCOPE has been getting a lot of requests for support from new student initiatives. To streamline this and get a clearer overview of what every new initiative exactly entails, we will set up some prerequisites to be eligible for support from SCOPE. All cases will be looked at separately and will be evaluated regularly to ensure that the student initiatives that get support are the most valuable ones (due to the limited resources), and to maintain a level of high quality. When applying for support from SCOPE, we would like to get a clear idea of what your student initiative is all about. Therefore, a document needs to be created, which covers the following subjects:

  • Who are you and what do you do?
  • How far are you in setting up your initiative and how did you get there? What difficulties did you face?
  • What is your long-term strategy (including a financial plan)?
  • In what way does your initiative contribute to the SBE and/or its students?
  • In what way is your initiative in line with SBE's strategy and its core values?
  • What do you expect from SCOPE?

This document will be evaluated by the student representative and the President of SCOPE. They will make the final decision.