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Chloe Klippert

Hello, I am Chloé Klippert. I am 21 years old and I come from Belgium, from a little town not so far from Maastricht. I will be the Marketing Commissioner this academic year 2022-2023. I have just graduated from my Bachelor degree in International Business at SBE and decided to challenge myself a bit differently before taking on a Master degree! Hence, why I decided to join SCOPE’s board. I have only been a passive member during my studies but that won’t stop me from contributing to SCOPE’s growth and success! 

This year, I will be in charge of two marketing committees, namely PR and Graphic Design. I will also take on the responsibility of the Volunteering Trip committee. As Marketing Commissioner, I will be here to help any committee with their promotion and public exposure. 

Do not hesitate to contact me via

With regards, 

Chloé Klippert