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Gizem Büyükkeçeci

My name is Gizem, I am from a small city in Turkey. I am 20 years old and recently finished my second year in Economics and Business Economics specializing in Economics. Before moving on to my final year of university I decided to take a year off for my full-time board position. This year instead of my regular courses I have the great honor to be the President of SCOPE Maastricht. Prior to this, I have been an active member for 2 years; I was in the Internal Academic committee in my first year and was the president of the Maastricht Business Days Spring 2022.

My role in the board is primarily helping my 6 other board members on a daily basis, taking care of the relationship between SCOPE and SBE, keeping an overview of our daughter associations, and lastly maintaining an overview of the general status of the association. I decided to take on this position primarily because of the incredible community SCOPE has provided to me and so many other people. I loved being an active member for the last 2 years and knew that I wanted to help the growth of this association alongside 6 other amazing people. I wanted to improve my skills in a working field and gain experience that I know I will deeply need after my graduation. Overall it is a year with a lot of challenges but a lot of amazing experiences that come with it as well.

If you have any questions or remarks feel free to contact me via .

Kind Regards,
Gizem Büyükkeçeci