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Til Kleinertz

Heyy, my name is Til Kleinertz. I'm 20 years old and come from a small town near Cologne, Germany. In the year 2022/2023 I will be the External Relations Commissioner International, Secretary, and IT Manager of SCOPE Maastricht.

Before starting my year as a full-time board member for SCOPE Maastricht I finished the second year of my bachelor International Business. In 2021 I joined SCOPE Maastricht as an active member, as I was the chairperson of the International Financial Orientation, which is a two-week trip to Madrid and Stockholm in which students visit companies and organisations and learn more about the financial world and business in other countries. My past year in SCOPE has been such a great experience that I can't wait for the next year, especially because I couldn't be happier with the other board members that join me in our board year.

In the next year, I will be in charge of the cooperations between SCOPE and all companies outside of the Netherlands, managing the IT, Sustainability, Alumni, Acquisition, and the Luxembourg Trip committee, as well as operating the website of SCOPE and streamlining the internal communication.

Please feel free to contact me under one of the three email addresses if there is anything I can help you with or if you are interested in a cooperation with SCOPE Maastricht.