Academic pillar coordinators

Daria Richter–Academic Events Coordinator 2020-2021

My name is Daria Richter and I am pleased to announce that I will be filling the position of Academic Event Coordinator for the upcoming year.

I grew up in a family of four children in a small town very close to Berlin, Germany. My youth was characterized by an international educational background that shaped the way I saw the world and wanted to learn about it.

In Maastricht, I am in the third year of my studies of International Business, specializing in Emerging Markets. Because of that I joined the Emerging Markets committee when I decided to become a SCOPE active in September 2019. It enabled me to contribute in a special way to the cohort of my specialization.

Now, I felt that I did not want to leave Maastricht until I contributed even more. Further, I find that SCOPE creates a very special atmosphere that unites students in a common work ethic while surrounding people in a welcoming and caring social environment.

The academic events allow students to regularly experience events to topics that go beyond the syllabi of the individual study programs. I see it as a great opportunity for students that want to enhance their education, and I am proud to be part of it.

The values that shape me and that I want to contribute to SCOPE are creativity, open-mindedness, loyalty, and efficiency.

I am convinced that the current board is composed of outstanding people who are more than capable of organizing events that broaden each student’s perspective on their personal academic and social horizons, keeping with the spirit of Maastricht University.

I am looking forward to a year full of new challenges that need to be mastered to help people evolve, fun activities that create beautiful memories, moments that connect, and events that shape and broaden the personal horizons of each one of us – the SCOPE community.

All the Best for you,


Zoé Carpentier –Academics Trips Coordinator 2020-2021

My name is Zoé Carpentier and I am very happy to announce that I will be the Academic Trips Coordinator for this upcoming academic year.

I come from Belgium and I grew up in Namur, the picturesque capital of my region. After my Senior year, I decided to broaden my knowledge of the world and did a second Senior year in the USA. My endless thirst for adventure and international experiences brought me here in Maastricht, where I am currently a second-year student in International Business.

As I have always wanted to do more than simply studying, I immediately got interested in joining SCOPE as an active member. I therefore became a member of the Ski Trip committee in September 2019. I loved working in this social committee as it allowed me to fully enjoy the SCOPE community. In February 2020, I then joined the Start-Up tour committee because I was craving to be an active again. Unfortunately, the coronavirus prevented me to meet my fellow committee members in real life. However, we quickly adapted and managed to organize a trip while being at home. All the beautiful memories I made during my first year in Scope and the soft skills I gained definitely made me realize that I, again, wanted to do more.

I am therefore excited to start this academic year as a pillar coordinator. I am looking forward to further contribute to the SCOPE community and to be learning new skills from amazing people. I hope I will be able to empower my future committees and make them feel fully part of SCOPE.

I cannot wait to start this journey along with the Board, my fellow pillar coordinators and the active and passive members!