Aïsha Clement

Aïsha Clément

My name is Aïsha Clement, and I am very proud to say that I am this year’s Marketing Commissioner.

I am a 19 years old half Dutch, half Indonesian girl from a little town called Valkenswaard, which is near Eindhoven. After finishing my high school, I decided to follow the study International Business, in which I just finished my second year. In my free time I am either playing volleyball, dancing, or hanging out with friends. I also really like to travel around and learn about different cultures.

For the past two years I have been a passive member of SCOPE. I attended activities for passive members and also participated and volunteered at multiple events. SCOPE has always sparked my interest and so I decided to be even more active in this amazing community.

The opportunity to become a board member came along and I knew this was something that I wanted to do. Now I am super proud to say that I am part of this year’s board. I have done some Marketing and PR work in the past and this is when I realised that this is something that I really love to do.

I am convinced that this will be a year with a lot of challenges where I will further develop myself and grow together with the rest of the board and the organisation. Even though I have not been an active in SCOPE for a long time, I am sure that I could bring in some useful and outside perspectives into the organization. I am willing to do whatever it takes to maintain and develop SCOPE’s reputation and spread this among more students, all while trying to focus more on sustainability. I believe that we, as the current board, are a strong team that can achieve our goals and overcome difficulties while keeping everything fun and exciting. I am very excited to meet and work with a lot of new people and to make a difference together with a great team.