Career pillar coordinators

Henri Karaski - Finance Career Coordinator 2020-2021

My name is Henri Karaski and I am honoured to have been chosen as the Finance Career Coordinator for this academic year.

I am currently 18 years old, starting into my second year of Economics and Business Economics specializing in International Business Economics.

I joined Scope directly during my first year in Maastricht as I wanted to contribute to the student life. Especially the career part of Scope has drawn my attention. But apart from amazing career-focused events, I also experienced that SCOPE offers a unique community and a great environment to develop personally. I became a member of the Finance, Accounting, and Controlling Tour committee. It was a great experience to work together with my committee on planning this tour. Unfortunately, the tour was cancelled due to Covid-19. Nevertheless, I learned a lot during this time, which prepared me for my second year at SCOPE.

After this awesome first year at SCOPE, I felt ready to take my engagement a step further and applied for a pillar coordinator position. I became the Finance Career Coordinator and will oversee the FBT, FACT, NFD, and Double Series for this year. With a bit of luck, some of these events will take place physically. But even if they must take place online, be assured that I will work hard to make it an experience for every participant.

I am looking forward to a yet unpredictable year, a challenging year for all of us. Hopefully, at some point during this year, we can meet on a Tuesday in the Preuverij. Until then, stay safe, healthy, and keep the distance.

Best regards,

Henri Karaski

Nils Hoppe - Marketing and Management Career Coordinator 2020-2021

My name is Nils Hoppe, a second-year international business student at Maastricht University, and I am proud to announce that I am the Marketing & Management Pillar Coordinator of SCOPE for the next academic year.

After finishing my formal education in Germany, and before coming to Maastricht, I decided to broaden my horizon, especially as someone who lived in Germany for most of his time. I moved to Frankfurt to experience the 9 to 5 working life. With only one backpack and nothing else, I then went to New Zealand to “work&travel”.

After arriving at Maastricht, I quickly felt that I found the right place to be. I enjoyed the PBL system, as well as the Dutch mentality. Besides my studies, however, I was looking for a way to apply the theoretical knowledge of the ever-changing business world. I wanted more: a challenge, to go beyond the "normal" student life and create something I can be proud of; a community, to share the passion of international business; becoming friends with people who are obsessed with learning and challenging themselves while not forgetting to celebrate student life. I am happy to share that I found it: SCOPE.

As a new member of SCOPE, I want to make sure that SBE students enjoy their student life to the maximum, that they can have fun, develop themselves, and most importantly, find themselves. My pillar and I are working hard to create two career-focused trips in which we will explore the business world and how it functions in real life. Stay tuned!

All students of the academic year 2020/2021 are facing the same challenge, COVID-19, and the side effects it brings along. My committee and I are accepting the challenge, and I hope you will too.

Stay optimistic,

Nils Hoppe

Perrine Fitoussi- Economics and EM Career Coordinator 2020-2021

I am Perrine Fitoussi, 20 years old. I’m from Luxembourg and I’m French and Luxembourgish. I started to study IB in 2019 and decided to specialize in emerging markets since I’ve always been interested in other cultures and countries. During my High School years, I participated in mini enterprises where I discovered a passion for organizing events and being part of a team. This is why I chose to join Scope where I became a career pillar coordinator. 

I am glad to be part of the Scope family as it brings me an incredible network, stability and a lot of fun. Being a member of Scope makes me feel special and I know that I can always count on everybody in the association. Having trips and events to work on with a committee makes me realize why I study International Business and helps me develop deeper understanding of the theoretical part of the studies. Scope is an amazing association not only because of their trips and events but also for the members’ efforts to have the best association possible.

I’m very motivated and passionate about what I am doing. I know that I will do my best to create a great atmosphere not only in my committees but also at Scope in general. I hope to be able to use creative ideas, which may have a positive impact on Scope. I will definitely put all my efforts into the trips, so that the participants can have amazing experiences, especially after being at home for so long.

I hope that this year, Scope will be filled with interesting challenges, new people, amazing experiences and a lot of fun. Looking forward to starting this new adventure with Scope.


Perrine Fitoussi