Economics and Finance Pillar

Economics and Finance Pillar

The Economics and Finance Pillar focuses on students with an interest in economics, finance or accounting. The pillar organises activities such as the Maastricht Finance Day and the International Economic Orientation. Steyn Schouten, Luisa Wortmann and Martijn Gillissen are responsible for the activities from the Economics and Finance Pillar.

Steyn Schouten

My name is Steyn Schouten, I am 21 years old and a first-year master student in accountancy. Recently, I finished my bachelor’s in economics and business economics and have been the treasurer of Sigma Investments for one semester. Besides studying and the board positions, I love travelling, investing, playing video games with friends, skiing, and going out for dinner. For this year I would like the atmosphere in the E&F pillar to remain largely the same to ensure that future members experience the same feelings of solidarity and unity as I had. Additionally, I would like to see the pillar retain its unique character and image, while integrating in Scope nicely. Finally, I aim for good communication within the pillar, to ensure that all the operations run smoothly. 

Luisa Wortmann

My name is Luisa Wortmann and I am excited to be the career activities coordinator for the Economics & Finance pillar of SCOPE‘s 2018-2019 Board. I am a second year international business economics student and active in SCOPE since February 2018. For the upcoming year, my goals are to sustain and further improve the quality of the career events and trips we offer to students and to connect even more of them to a wider field of potential employers. Organising events like the Maastricht Finance Day is an enriching and empowering challenge and I am looking forward to working together with amazing people and committees!

Martijn Gillissen

My name is Martijn Gillissen, I am currently 23 years old and I am excited to be able to introduce myself as Social Activities Commissioner in the Economics and Finance Pillar of SCOPE. As Social Activities Commissioner, my goal is to work together with my fellow board member and my committee to organize events which everybody enjoys. Also I want to make sure that all the active members of SCOPE feel that they are appreciated and will all interact with each other.