Elise Abraham

Elise Abraham

My name is Elise Abraham and I am a 21-year old Belgian from Etalle, in the South of Belgium, which is where I studied up to the end of high school. After that, I decided to continue my studies in a more international environment, which is why I chose to move to Maastricht. I just finished my Economics and Business Economics bachelor with a specialization in Economics.

As a person, I love volleyball and all types of arts, and I appreciate taking walks to enjoy my surroundings. Of course, like every student, I also love spending time with my friends and family and travelling. As my bachelor came to an end, I decided to take on a greater challenge and apply for a full-time board position at SCOPE, which is why it is with great honour that I announce that I am the Academic Activities Commissioner for the year 2019-2020.

After two wonderful years of active membership at SCOPE, I have learnt a lot and met many interesting and fascinating people that have made my life at SBE full of stories and experiences. I got to know the association for being a diverse, fun, caring and hard-working association, and for providing its members with both a space to get together and a space to grow. Hence, I am very excited to be a part of the full-time board journey and to start running this incredible association during the next year.

As Academic Activities Commissioner, my goal is to provide students with opportunities to improve both their knowledge – with the help of lectures, seminars and other events like the Symposium, and their skills thanks to academic activities such as workshops and trips. I am also very excited to organise the 2020 edition of ICC@M. Together with my two amazing pillar coordinators, I am truly hopeful that we can make this year a successful one for the academic portfolio of both SCOPE and the SBE. Next to this, I am looking forward to running the human resources component of SCOPE by recruiting and managing active members, who are at the very heart of the success and the life of SCOPE.

Together with this amazing team, I am convinced that we can achieve great things and overcome many difficulties. I am eager to get to know more of my fellow proposed board members and pillar coordinators, active and passive members, and to start learning together. I am hopeful that we can successfully build on the work the previous boards have accomplished, and I am very excited to discover how much more we can achieve together. As thrilling and challenging is the prospect of being in the full-time board, I believe we will strive and succeed in maintaining and developing SCOPE so that it continues delivering to its members all the opportunities I enjoyed during the last two years.