Emerging Markets Pillar

Emerging Markets Pillar

The Emerging Markets Pillar focuses on students from the Emerging Markets specialisation, a specialisation of the study tracks International Business and Economics and Business Economics focusing on the rising economies in Asia, Eastern Europe, Latin America and parts of Africa. Alexia Rennotte and Adèle Warin are responsible for the activities SCOPE organises for these students.

Vincent Heidrich

My name is Vincent Heidrich, and I am the Managing Director of the Emerging Markets (EM) Pillar Board. I am a second-year international business student with a specialization in emerging markets. Next to studying and SCOPE, I love to do sports, interacting with different cultures and going out with friends. During my Board year, I am thrilled to work in close relation with professors of SBE, lecturers and the internship office to design the specialization being up-to-date. My goals within this pillar are to create exciting workshops and organize guest lectures that reflect the interests of the students at SBE. I am looking forward to working with an enthusiastic team and committees that are eager to create valuable events and experiences for SBE’s students.


Alexia Rennotte

I’m Alexia, the career coordinator for the Emerging Markets pillar. Together with my colleagues on Emerging markets board, I will focus on further integrating the EM pillar into Scope and improving our relations and collaboration with the Internship office. This includes organizing established and new events for students to meet their interests. If you have an ideas or questions, you can always reach me at


Adèle Warin

My name is Adèle Warin, I am 19 years old and I am from the French part of Belgium, more precisely from Namur. Last year, I studied Economics and Business economics and I am going to follow the Emerging Markets specialization for the two upcoming years. The new Emerging Markets pillar is a great opportunity for me to combine my interest in the Emerging economies with the organization of events. I am particularly interested in Latin America and I would like to do my internship there during the third year. Travelling is my great passion, but I also enjoy reading, sports and trying new foodies spots with friends. This is my first year in Scope as an active member, I am excited to see what this year has in store and how we can collaborate to create amazing events.