Julia Robiné


My name is Julia Robiné, I am 20 years old and I was born in raised close to Cologne and Düsseldorf in Germany. My decision to study at Maastricht University was driven by my desire to study and live within an international environment. Since I started the study track International Business in September 2016, SCOPE has become an important part of my studies as well as my social life. During my first week at University, I joined SCOPE as a passive member and became an active member during my second year of studies. After working for a few months together with my committee members for the Alumni Committee, I decided to take the next step and take the challenge to become a full-time board member at SCOPE Maastricht.

The position of the Secretary & IT-Manager of SCOPE perfectly fits my strengths and interests, while providing new challenges for me to learn from. I see my main responsibilities in enhancing the organization and communication within SCOPE and with external parties by building and maintaining a solid IT structure. Furthermore, I aim to facilitate the development of the SCOPE network where students, the university and external parties can collaborate effectively and efficiently.

My personal goal for the academic year 2018/2019 is to support every student in their studies and to be the contact person between university, students and companies. As the students are the most important part of the SCOPE network, me and my fellow board members are constantly working on enhancing their whole study experience, including their professional as well as their social life. I am confident that me and my team will be able to make a real impact for the student population at SBE and that the academic year 2018/2019 will be another episode of SCOPE’s success story.