Mathilde Lallemand


My name is Mathilde Lallemand, I am 19 years old and just finished my first year as an International Business student. I am proud to annonce that I am this year's secretary, IT manager and vice president. 

I am a French girl who grew up part of her life in Paris suburb and the rest next to the border of Luxemburg in Metz, France. I graduated high school last year in France with a diploma in economics and mathematics. During high school, I chose to go abroad for a year between my junior and senior year to Upstate New York in the United States. Over there, besides of learning English, I discovered the beauty of the exchange through different cultures with my fellow exchange students friends. I found out that studying in France after this year abroad was not an option for me anymore, and this is how I ended up in here, fulfilling my international experience.

Whenever I am not studying, you can find me at work, hanging out with my friends, cooking, working out but never bored at home.

I joined Scope in February 2019 after the ski trip to France that I participated in. I particularly enjoyed the continuous and joyful atmosphere around the members. I became an active in order to be a part of this atmosphere and bring my personal touch to it. I considered the SCOPE board after many talks with the current board and always wondered... "why not me?". I simply thought that I could wait next year but I could not let that opportunity go. My eagerness to learn and discover on a daily basis as well as fulfilling high expectations could not fit better with a position in the fulltime board of SCOPE.

For this upcoming journey, I hope to discover more about myself and things I am good at. I will strive to improve SCOPE from an internal prospective. As a secretary, it will be particularly challenging to manage the organization of such a big association but I am so looking forward to it. The journey already started but I think the board and I are all excited to share it with the SBE students and SCOPE actives