Puck Heuijerjans

Puck Heuijerjans

My name is Puck Heuijerjans and I am very happy to announce I am the academic activities commissioner of SCOPE’s 2018-2019 fulltime board. I am 20 years old and grew up in a little village in the Netherlands called Nuth, which is close to Maastricht. After I finished high school I started university here in Maastricht. I am currently in my second year doing the EBE track with specialisation economics. Next to university I love to go out with friends, hiking and performing. Since my early years I danced, sang in a choir, was in an orchestra and did musicals. These activities have decreased since I moved to Maastricht, but wonderful subsequent activities filled their place. An example is that I just went to Asia for the International Economic Orientation (IEO).

I have been an active member of SCOPE for one year now. In this time I have been a part of the committee organising the IEO . This has been an amazing experience up until now on a social, academic, and career level. Being an active member of SCOPE brought me a lot of fun, friends and fulfilled my needs to develop new skills. I always felt a sense of pride to be part of this amazing study association, which organizes many impressing events. It really shows how much good collaborations between businesses and university results in amazing events.
Accordingly, I am happy to play an even bigger role in this association.

My role is mostly concerned with contributing to students on the academic part. Throughout the year we will provide students with lectures, seminars, workshops, and some bigger events like a symposium and ICC@M 2019. Our goal is to make university life even more vibrant, by providing interactive ways to improve your knowledge and skills. Next to that I am also responsible for the growth of the active members. This part is very important, as SCOPE can only thrive by having motivated, enthusiastic active members.

The goals I have set for this year are to improve the image of the SCOPE academic events. We will do so by engaging in fruitful collaborations and focus on the more interactive events, like the seminars and the workshops. The preparation of the active members and stimulating their social participation is another important goal, as the association is about acquiring tools for your future, but also about enjoying your student life.