Social pillar coordinators

Ties Peters - Social Internal Coordinator 2019-2020

My name is Ties Peters, I am 19 years old and I am so proud to be the proposed Internal Coordinator. I am Dutch and grew up in a small village called Bavel, close to Breda, Noord-Brabant. I finished my athenium in Breda with a distinction after which I came straight to Maastricht. Currently, I am in my first year of International Business. In my free time I spend my time Tragos, hanging out with friends and doing all kind of sports like field hockey, surfing and going to the gym. Aside from my committee at SCOPE I work as a student assistant for the incoming exchange students at the International Relations Office.

At this moment I have an active member or SCOPE for half a year in the Partylovers committee. Organizing parties for our members not only taught me a lot of hard and soft skills, but also allowed me to meet and talk to a lot or both active and passive members. The enthusiasm and amazing atmosphere made me want to invest more and more time in SCOPE if I got the chance. At the same time I became more and more passionate about pursuing a board year over the last months. This all made me very excited to become a PiCo and get a nice taste of being a part of being a board member. Having the honor to be part of the newly reformed SCOPE and working with my committees to bring a great atmosphere and events for all active members is very exciting for me. I hope to bring some fresh ideas to the table and use my typical Dutch "down-to-earth" mindset to blow a fresh wind into SCOPE.

I'm convinced that together with my PiCo's we will be able to organize amazing activities for all active and passive members and that we will all learn lessons we will value for life. I'm very excited and hope to meet you all or in the Preuv or one of the other amazing activities!

Margrete Soya Heimvik -- General Members Coordinator 2019-2020

My name is Margrete Soya Heimvik, I am a twenty-one- years-old and I am SCOPE’s general member coordinator. As you can probably tell from my name, I am a mixed baby, my mother comes from the Philippines and my father is from Norway. Growing up my father, who works with tanking, moved us around quite a lot. By the age of sixteen, I had already lived in the Philippines, Singapore, the United States and Norway. This truly made me an open-minded and international individual who is always open to trying new things. After I finished my high school education, I moved to the Netherlands to challenge my individualism. I began this journey by starting the year at Maastricht University studying Economics and Business Economics. However, as the year progressed, I realized that this course was not well suited for my interests and needs for the future. However, during this year I had already integrated into the SBE community and more specifically into SCOPE.

Having been a committee member of PartyLovers since the start of my first year I found that the benefits and rewards of working as an active member well exceeded my expectations. Not only in aspects related to my workability and employability but also in social aspects. This is what pushed me to pursue a more active role within SCOPE. Furthermore, I feel that I have grown familiar with the inner workings of PartyLovers and am super excited to continue to work with the brand I have grown to love while also expanding my horizons to include the general members committee!

This year I hope to develop the name of PartyLovers in the community by organizing larger, and grander parties. I also aim to further strengthen the bonds within the student community through our general member events. Moreover, I will also be starting a new bachelor course, Psychology, in the faculty of psychology and neuroscience at Maastricht University. So, this coming year will be filled with new experiences and packed full of potential. In conclusion, I cannot even put in words how much I am looking forward to enhancing the social lives of SBE students. And also, last but not least; to work hard and party harder!