Social pillar coordinators

Julien Gabriel -- General Members Coordinator 2020-2021

My name is Julien Gabriel, I am 19 years old and I spent my entire life living in Belgium until I started studying at Maastricht University. I live in a small city called Spa, famous for its water production factory and the formula-1 racetrack. Once I graduated from high school, I did not take a gap year and went straight to Maastricht to start studying International Business. I am now entering my third year of bachelor that I will spend entirely in Maastricht since my exchange to Argentina got cancelled because of everyone’s enemy: COVID-19.

Besides my major in finance, this year will be full of challenges because I have the honour to be the new General Members Coordinator at SCOPE. My love story with SCOPE started non-later than last year, when I joined the Marketing Graphic Design committee in which I met incredible people that I will never forget! Additionally, the atmosphere and family-spirit that reigns over the association made me willing to be more dedicated and involved. With my new position, I am looking forward to being in contact with a lot of active and passive members at all sorts of kind of events.

Now that I have a role with more responsibilities, I see another aspect of the association, the “behind the scenes”. I am very enthusiast and excited to continue this already amazing experience with my fellow Pico’s and the board team, and I am sure that we will find some creative ways to overcome every single challenge that crosses our road. I can’t wait to see you all in the Preuv or at one of the events organized by SCOPE!


Julien Gabriel