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International Case Competition at Maastricht

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International Case Competition at Maastricht

As one of the most prestigious case competitions in the world, International Case Competition @ Maastricht (ICC @ M) is one of our biggest events.

During an entire week, 15 universities will send their top students to Maastricht. As organizing committee, it is your task to accommodate, transport and entertain these students, and to make this prestigious case a success in close collaboration with university. If you are up for a big challenge and a lot of fun, join the ICC@M committee!

Recruitment period- September 
Estimated average workload4/5 hours a week.
(The average workload is indicated as an estimate for you to have a better idea of which committees are more demanding. Yet, these estimations are subjective and depend on the period and on the person, so they are subject to change).


  • Laura Isasi

  • Elena Duven

  • Victoria Batha

  • Benjamin Philipp Glindemann

  • Lily Marie Lambrix