SCOPE goes sustainable

SCOPE goes sustainable 

As one of the biggest study associations of the Netherlands, SCOPE is aware of its impact on the environment and the people. Therefore, we started the „SCOPE goes sustainable“ project. SCOPE aims to be a sustainable organisation by contributing to the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations. In this attempt, we are partially aligning with Maastricht University’s sustainability goals of improving health and well-being (Objective 3) and quality education (Objective 4). Additionally, our most important intent is to contribute by responsible consumption (Objective 12).

Objective 12:

Responsible Consumption

Limiting our use of non reusable items is our priority for this objective. We noticed that for our events a considerable amount of single purpose articles were used. This applied especially to our career events, where hundreds of keepsakes from partner companies were not of a use for participants and ultimately had to be thrown away. Furthermore, through an increase in technology use and digitalisation, SCOPE is trying to limit its paper use. Lastly, with a focus on our social events, we want to eliminate as much single-use plastics usage as possible.

Objective 3:

Good Health and Well-being

Life as a student is not always a walk in the park. From the academic year 2019/2020, SCOPE will contribute to the health and well-being of students to help everyone perform on its peak. Our plan includes the offering of free sports events to get some distraction from studying. Moreover, we will contribute to healthy nutrition by food donations.

Objective 4:

Quality Education

In line with our offerings in the past, SCOPE will continue to provide high quality education to interested stakeholders. Our events range from workshops, over seminars to symposiums to provide further development for individuals next to their current occupation. In the future, we will try to make as many events as possible that contribute to additional education free of charge to give everyone the possibility to participate. Furthermore, in line with Maastricht University’s approach for lifelong learning, SCOPE will offer educational events for its alumni.


Altogether, we are incredibly happy to take the next step and contribute to sustainable developments.

In case you have any questions or remarks about our initiative, contact us via