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Career Commissioner

My name is Zoé and I am this year’s Career Commissioner and VP. As the Career Commissioner, you are in charge of overviewing all the committees such as Maastricht Business Days, the Dublin Trip, etc. It is a very challenging position yet so rewarding! 

In a regular day, I go to the office in the morning and start by checking my WhatsApp messages, Slack channels and emails. After that, I usually meet with my committees to answer their questions, evaluate their progress and discuss what are the next steps. As the boardie, I am also responsible of tracking expenses, making strategical decisions and stepping in the organisation if needed. Overall, it is more about supporting the committees than operating them. Because the Career Pillar has so many committees, I get to meet a lot of diverse people and personalities which is my favorite part of the job.  

If that description fits you and your ambitions, then please reach out via email ( or by having a coffee date together (sign up via the Doodle link below)

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