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SCOPE is the official study association of the School of Business and Economics. It is one of the largest study associations in Europe, counting approx. 4000 members.
Its purpose is to bridge the gap between academia and praxis, being the strongest intermediary between the student population and potential future employers. Due to its extensive collaboration with a multitude of international and multinational enterprises, the association can provide the students with a wide variety of career events and establishes an exclusive recruitment platform to the benefit of all parties involved. 

Furthermore, SCOPE Maastricht’s purpose is to academically support the student population in the best way possible and to provide career orientation in all study fields. Hence, they are exposed to relevant topics both linked to and outside of their respective study programmes, stimulating further personal growth and development. To impact students’ lives and our students’ career orientation in the best possible way, SCOPE Maastricht works intensively with the university, our alumni and our partner companies. 

At SCOPE Maastricht there is the option to become a partner company, giving these businesses a platform form which they can get our students connected to their companies. Our partners are present on our website, Facebook and LinkedIn pages and consequently are frequently seen by our students. As a business partner, you also have the possibility to promote internships, traineeships and other events on our homepage. 

Next to becoming a partner, companies can participate in our events. These events vary from informal evening activities to business trips to multiple locations. SCOPE also organises their famous Maastricht Business Days twice a year.


Would you like to get in touch with our members? Get in contact with our externals!

  • External Relations Commissioner International: Jan-Philipp Neuhaus at
  • External Relations Commissioner Netherlands: Bas Lazaroms at