International Financial Orientation

International Financial Orientation

This is one of our most popular events. During this study trip, 25 top 2nd and 3rd year students will visit a still unknown financial capital. During this visit, about 8 finance-related companies will give workshops and presentations, and students will get to experience the local culture. Maastricht University will also actively cooperate; the trip is even an official skills course students get credits from! Cities which have been visited in previous years include Shanghai, New York, Singapore, Hong Kong, Bangkok, São Paulo, Toronto and Boston. It is your task to organize this trip by choosing a destination finding interesting companies to visit and organize the entire operational part such as booking flights, hotels etc. By joining this committee you also engage yourself to take part in the trip, which will be a lot of fun!

Joining the committee

Selection period

Application for this committee is closed.

  • Maxi-Sophie Ricke
  • Isabella Vermaes
  • Maximilian Jörg Kessler
  • Sampson Sara