Maastricht Consultancy Day

Maastricht Consultancy Day

This event is our largest Consulting activity with previous year’s edition being a great success. During this day, companies get the chance to present their business with workshops. Approximately 20-25 students will attend each workshop. They also have the opportunity to select a number of students with who they would like to have a personal interview. Furthermore, there is a company fair where companies can present themselves. Finally, a chosen number of students will participate in a recruitment dinner in order to get to know the companies even better. The expected number of participating students is 250. The expected number of participating companies is between 12 and 15.

Joining the committee

Selection period

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  • Malin Hilboll
  • Lukas Schmitz
  • Sophia Becker
  • Shauni Vaassens
  • Caroline Neusser