Accounting Orientation Day 2017

Accounting Orientation Day 2017 October 11th, 2017

- Dutch Speaking Students - Free of Charge - No CV Required - 

The Accounting Orientation Day is the best way to get to know more about Accountancy as a first or second year Bachelor student! You can get to know what it is like to work as an Auditor by participating in speed dates and workshops. Furthermore, the representative from the Accounting department will explain to you which steps you have to take to become a Register Accountant (Post Graduate Education). At the end of the day, you will be able to engage with the participating accounting firms in a networking drink, which will be hosted at our very own SBE Bar! This is a great way to get to know the companies in an informal manner. This year's edition of the Accounting Orientation Day will take place on October 11th.

The event is purely educational which means no curriculum vitae is required to participate in this event! The event is also free of charge!

- The Blacklist Policy Applies -