Active Member Sign-Up

Active Member Sign-Up March 1st - 1st, 2018

Are you ready to take your student life to the next step? Do you want to be more involved at our faculty and help us create value for our members and beyond? Are you ready to become active? Then sign up before the 15th of February at 12pm!

Do not forget to attach your motivation letter and cv! If you do not have a cv or motivation letter ready right now, then send it in before the deadline to If there are any questions, then do not hesitate to ask us or join our information evenings on the 6th and 7th of February!

Once we have collected all registrations, we will let you know whether you are invited for an interview on the 16th of February. Keep in mind that you will need to plan your interview via doodle on this weekend as well! We will provide you with all necessary information in that time.

We are looking forward to see you there!