Maastricht Consultancy Day 2017

The Registration deadline is on the 8th of November! Launch Yourself and get networking!

Maastricht Consultancy Day 2017 November 21st, 2017

- English Speaking Students - CV Required - €5,- Scope / €10,- Non-Scope - 


The Maastricht Consultancy Day takes place this year on the 21st of November! The ultimate day for people with an interest in consultancy to get in contact with companies active in the industry. Through workshops, interviews and presentations the companies will show you what they have to offer and the lunch and company fair are perfect for informal interaction. This year the Maastricht Consultancy Day will take place at the Vander Valk Hotel in Maastricht. Known for its great atmospehere and its amazing lunch the location will provide you with everything you need to have a great day to network, while also providing free wifi to work during the day. ​

There will be a shuttle bus service to and from the hotel at various times during the day. The Schedule will still be provided. Join the event on facebook to stay up to date:  click me 

The price will be €5,- for Scope members and €10,- for Non-Scope members. 

You are required to send in your CV in order for the participating companies to select you for their workshops or interviews. After the companies have selected their students the schedules will be made and send out. These schedules are unfortunately non-negotiable and you are required to be present on time when the company selects you. 

Registrations close on the 8th of November!

Launch Yourself and get networking! See you on the Maastricht Consultancy Day. 


- Be aware that the blacklist policy applies to this event -