Maastricht Business Days Spring Edition 2020

Workshop LVMH

Workshop: Conception of influencer campaigns in the luxury industry


Frame: Workshop of 20-25 people (4 groups of 5-6 people)


Brand presentation (20 minutes): presentation of the brand Givenchy and L’Interdit fragrance

Briefing (10 minutes): briefing and explanation of the task 

Idea development (60 minutes): time for the groups to work on their ideas and to prepare a presentation

Elevator Pitch (3 minutes each): every group has the time to present their ideas

Recap (15 minutes): summary of all ideas and decision of which group has the best idea


The task: 

• "Plan the perfect L'Interdit social media campaign for the new L’Interdit fragrance”

• Budget: 30.000k

• Key facts:

o National campaign