Maastricht Business Days - Autumn Edition 2019


With over 700 students and around 50 companies each year, the Maastricht Business Days are the largest and most prestigious recruitment event Maastricht University offers. Each year we look for companies that fit our student's interests and skills set best. Our event provides our students with a stepping stone to their future, by bringing them into contact with renowned companies from a variety of industries. Furthermore, it provides the companies with a stage to introduce themselves through workshops, student chats and fun activities.

Our location, the Kasteel Vaeshartelt Maastricht provides a relaxed setting for the students and companies to present themselves. You will gain a lot of knowledge and experience through this event, and potentially meet your new employer!

Interested? Below you can find more information about selection and payment:


Registration and Selection:

First, you have to click on "Register Now" or "Sign Up Now". You will be redirected to a page where you log in with your Scope account and where you can buy your ticket for the MBD Autumn Edition 2019. Make sure to fill out your Scope account completely and upload a CV. Without doing so your registration might be withdrawn. If you are a Scope member you can log in or request a new password. If you are not a Scope member but have an account you also log in or request a new password. If you do not have an account yet you can create one by clicking "I am not a Scope member" in the top right corner. You will receive an E-mail with how to proceed. 

It might take a few days for the payment to proceed. You will get a confirmation E-mail within the next working days. 

After purchasing your ticket you can click on "My account" and "My event " to get to your personal MBD 2019 space. Here you can adjust your preferences. Make sure to put in as many activities as possible, because companies can only choose you for the activities you put in your preferences. For example, If you only put only one workshop and you are not selected you might not get any activity at all.

If you have ranked your preferences until October 13th companies will see who signed up for their activities and rank the students as well on the base of your CV until October 25th. Afterwards, an algorithm will find the best possible combination of student and company preferences. The algorithm knows when activities take place and find the best solution for you for a specific time slot. So you can prioritize as many activities as you want even if they are at the same time. You will be allocated only to one. The preferences of companies and students count 50/50.

Important: Since some companies might join in the next days please check your preferences shortly before October 13th again, so you do not miss companies you might be interested in. 


13.10.: deadline student registration and preference selection

25.10.: deadline company selection

29.10.: Preliminary student schedule will be send to you and you have 48 hours to deregister without blacklist

First week of November: Final student schedule

To upload your CV, please log in with your SCOPE account and go to "My Account" -> "My profile".


- The Blacklist Policy applies to this event -