Symposium: What's Next for Europe: Small steps or big visions?

Maastricht Symposium 2020

What's next for Europe: Small steps or big visions?

Let us be clear: It is time to discuss Europe's future.

With the guiding motto "What's next for Europe?", we wish to focus on the challenges Europe faces in a rapidly changing world.
Too often, Europe finds itself lagging behind the economic superpowers USA and China.
We want to ask:

  • How can Europe become even more globally influential?
  • Can individual countries compete against big nations from all over the world? 
  • Is the rise of nationalism and withdrawing from the European Union a smart move?
  • How can Europe be most successful, as separate countries or as a unified entity?

Meet us on the 12th February, 2020 at Maastricht at Lumière cinema. The event starts at 11:00 and will finish around 18:00. Feel free to come and go!

Our program and speakers is to be announced.

Price - 2,50 euros

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