Academic Symposium

SCOPE Academic Symposium 2020

SCOPE Academic Symposium 2020 – Building the bridge between university and your future career!

What happens when academic debate meets career orientation? Come witness at the SCOPE Symposium 2020!

This year’s symposium offers students a unique chance to participate in a day full of engaging discussion and exciting insights into career opportunities. The distinctive combination of panel discussions on pressing issues such as the future of the economy and labour market, as well as company workshops offering glimpse into what opportunities await after your graduation makes the SCOPE Symposium the biggest academic event of year.

We will debate questions such as what the new economic reality looks like, how working has changed during the pandemic, what skillsets for managers and leaders proved to be most valuable in the crisis, and what the outlooks are for students who think about starting their own business.

Different companies will host workshops in which they present themselves and lay out what they are doing and what it takes to enter into their respective fields. Participating companies include consulting firm PwC, financial advisory firm von Buddenbrock, and start-up Aucta.

The event will be held online using the platform Hopin. At a Hopin event, you can can network one-on-one, break out into group sessions, watch keynote presentations, send chat messages and polls, and explore interactive expo areas.