Uncivil War - Movie Night


On October 6th, the Bertelsmann Foundation released an hour-long documentary about the American presidential election - it will be exclusively shown here, together with a discussion about the state of the American democracy and the presidential election. Join this event to learn about the threats democracy is facing in America and how the country can deal with them.
The movie will be screened live on Youtube. You will receive a link to watch the movie at the start of the event, and a Zoom link to join the discussion afterwards hosted by Anthony Silberfeld and Kaj Thomsson.
Anthony T. Silberfeld is the director of transatlantic relations at the Bertelsmann Foundation in Washington. He joined the foundation in 2014 and oversees their project on the American democracy. He spent several years as a foreign policy advisor in the US Senate and House of Representatives. Kaj Thomsson is the head of the Emerging Markets specialisation. In addition to his current focus on emerging markets, he has extensive research background focused on the political and economic history of the United States.

Trailer of the movie: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yz6q_otkFBQ
The event is hosted by the Bertelsmann Foundation and organized in collaboration between the Emerging Market specialisation (Kaj Thomsson) and SCOPE. 

Zoom link for tonight: https://maastrichtuniversity.zoom.us/j/97927181171?pwd=Skcyc09scTY5TVNiVzdjVzZnQU0zZz09

Please be there At 7 pm.