Lustrum II

!BREAKING NEWS! As you might have heard already SCOPE is celebrating her second Lustrum this year, in student lingo this means that SCOPE is officially 10 years old now.  This of course needs some celebration. This week of celebration will start at the 1st of November and last up until the 6th of November 2021! The week will be characterized by many parties to thank and celebrate everyone who has been involved with SCOPE over the past years! Get your tickets now through clicking here!

For all your questions please view the FAQ below:

What events are taking place during Lustrum week?

  • Monday 01-11: Actives Cantus
  • Tuesday 02-11: Special Preuv
  • Wednesday 03-11: General Members’ Beerpong Tournament
  • Thursday 04-11: Open Complex Party
  • Friday 05-11: General Members’ Karaoke
  • Saturday 06-11: Actives & Alumni Gala
  • Furthermore, you can also purchase our Lustrumbook, which is filled with SCOPE memories of the last 10 years.

Who is invited to each event?

  • Cantus: Current active members
  • Special Preuv: Current active members
  • Beerpong Tournament: All SCOPE active and passive members, paired in teams of 2. You are allowed to mix passive & active members
  • Complex: Anyone
  • Karaoke: All SCOPE active and passive members
  • Gala: Current active members and alumni

Where can I buy my regular tickets?

Via the following link: 

Which stakeholder groups include which people?

  • Active members: Anyone who is active in a committee within SCOPE at time of the event (1-6 November).
  • Passive members: Anyone who paid a membership fee to be a SCOPE member, but is not active within a committee.
  • Alumni: Anyone who was an active member at some point between 2011 and August 2021, but is not anymore at time of the event (1-6 November).

How much does it cost me as an active member?

  • You can buy tickets to each of the separate events for the following prices:
  • Cantus: €5,- (Current active members)
  • Special Preuv: FREE access, no need to buy a ticket (Current active members)
  • Beerpong tournament: €10,- for a team of 2 actives (All SCOPE active and passive members, paired in teams of 2. You are allowed to mix passive & active members)
  • Complex: €10,- (Anyone)
  • Karaoke: FREE access, no need to buy a ticket (All SCOPE active and passive members) 
  • Gala: €30,- (Current active members and alumni)
  • Lustrumbook: €15,-

HOWEVER - as an active member, you can also decide to buy a week ticket. This week tickets costs €60,- and includes the following:

  • Cantus (€5,-)
  • Complex (€10,-)
  • Gala (€30,-)
  • Lustrumbook (€15,-)
  • FREE limited edition Lustrum Merch

Can I also buy this Lustrum Merch separately if I do not want a week ticket?

No, you cannot. It is exclusive to active members who buy a week ticket.

General Members/Passive Members: Where can I buy my tickets?

The link will be shared on the 20th of September.

ACTIVES ONLY: Where can I buy my tickets as an active Member?

You can buy these via the Eventix link that was shared with you in the actives group chat. 

ACTIVES ONLY: Where can I buy my weekticket?  

You can reserve a weekticket by filling in the google form shared with you in the actives group chat.

When can I purchase what?

September 6th until October 15th → Actives can buy the following tickets:

  • WEEKTICKET (Including Cantus, Complex, Gala, and Lustrumbook) and receive limited edition Lustrum merch
  • Seperate Cantus ticket
  • Seperate Complex ticket
  • Seperate Gala ticket
  • Lustrumbook

September 20th until the day of each respective event (or until sold out) → Active AND passive members can buy tickets to the following events:

  • Beerpong tournament
  • Complex party

When can my friends buy their tickets to Complex?

Between September 20th and November 4th, or until sold out.

Can I bring a plus-one?

No, you cannot. The cantus and gala are SOLELY for active members. However, your friends can attend the beerpong tournament and karaoke event if they are passive members. Furthermore, anyone can buy tickets to the Complex party (once the general sales start), also non-SBE friends.

What is the cancellation policy?

Of course, we hope that we can run the event smoothly and without any troubles with regards to COVID and the like. If we decide to cancel the event, you will be informed via the email that you signed up with for your tickets, and we will inform you about the exact refund procedures and policies. We will try our best to move the events to a new date, and find appropriate compensation procedures for the one’s that cannot attend the new date

What happens if the event is cancelled due to COVID?

Depending on whether the event is moved or definitively cancelled, you can choose to receive a full refund or to receive a voucher for the new dates. We will inform you officially as soon as we have more clarity on the matter. 

What happens if I get tested positive for COVID or show symptoms, and I cannot attend?

Unfortunately, we do not refund your tickets if this is the case. Your insurance should/might cover the costs, but this is your own responsibility. For every event, we expect you to show proof of full vaccination, a proof of recovery or a negative test that is, at most, 24 hours old (in compliance with the Dutch regulations). If this changes in the period leading up to the event, we will inform you about this.