Aachen Christmas Market

You are a SCOPE member and are looking forward to Christmas!?

Well, then join our free activity at the beautiful Christmas market in Aachen for drinking some Glühwein, tasting the famous “Aachener Printen”, Spekulatius, waffles and more.


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Price: Free of charge

Departure information:

The bus leaves from Tongerseplein at 5:00pm sharp, so please be on time (preferably 15minutes in advance) and have your UM card with SCOPE sticker ready. As we are crossing borders, make sure to have your regular ID with you as well.
For the way back, the bus leaves from Aachen Theaterplatz (same place as for arrival in Aachen) at 9:00pm sharp, so again be on time as we are not responsible for the ones who are not.

Looking forward to seeing you all and letting the glühwein flow.

- Registering and not showing up for the trip is subject to our blacklist policy -