London Trip 2019

Once again, SCOPE Maastricht is about to bridge young soon-to-be-professionals and the financial capital of Europe – the LONDON TRIP is BACK!

This time, London Trip 2019 consist of 6 company visits, that let you experience challenging workshops and interesting presentations, all within time-saving 5 days.

During this 5-day trip, we shall visit six companies, and let you experience challenging workshops and interesting presentations.

You will have the opportunity to garner once-in-a-lifetime memories of your London visit with a handful of other Economics and Business students from SBE, making your trip a unique experience.

We shall visit companies in a wide array of industries and maturity stages, from young start-ups to centuries-old institutions, to provide you with insights into different corporate cultures and business sectors.


February 19thtill February 23rd2019

Guess where:



- 6 company visits

- Alumni Event and Networking Drinks

- Dinner & Pub Crawl with the Whole Group

- Free Time to Explore London

Companies (more information is coming soon):

- RBB Economics

- Alphasights

- Impax

- Morningstar

- Spotcap

- GoDaddy

Fees €:

- 250 € for SCOPE members (active and passive)

- 500 € for NON-SCOPE members


- Bus transfer Maastricht – Brussels and back,  

- Eurostar Brussels – London and back,

- Accommodation + Breakfast

- Alumni Event + Drinks

- 1 x Dinner

- Pub-crawl

- 6 company visits

+ Unforgettable experience

Departure:                              Arrival:

19.02.2019 - 16:00                                          23.02.2019 - 00:30

- The Blacklist Policy applies to this event -