Maastricht Business Days Spring Edition 2020



The world is growing more and more connected with an explosion of links from human to human, human to machine, and machine to machine. And, as more connections are created, the networks they form become increasingly vital to our daily lives and our long-term goals. But, with more 

connectivity comes more complexity. As the machines, processors and systems that power our world become more sophisticated, the people who design, build and maintain them need a partner with perspective that spans technology platforms, geographies, and industries.

That’s why Belden has assembled a portfolio of best-in-class communication technology brands focusing on the applications and global markets that are most in demand from industrial I.T. to industrial connectivity, to enterprise connectivity and broadcast. 

We are leading the way in the interconnected world and we need talented people to join our team 

and become our future leaders.


This company will be attending the MBDs on Thursday.

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