Maastricht Business Days Spring Edition 2020



Through optimization of organizational structures and integration of up-to-date technology we improve reporting processes of our clients. We deliver efficient processes and a high degree of automatisation in Corporate Performance Management and operative reporting. In short: with our help, our client’s data is correct, readily available and consistent and the information gets to the right recipient to provide meaningful insights. 

verovis is the management consulting company specialized in selection, design and implementation of CPM/BI solutions and the continuous improvement of CPM-related processes, content, organization and tools. Founded by KPMG partners in 2015, verovis has since established itself as a trusted partner that delivers technology-driven, sustainable change. Our clients range from larger medium-sized business to DAX-corporations across various industries. Based in Munich and Düsseldorf, we pick up our clients at their reqirements and objectives and develop them further to the completed solution.

We are #projectsuccessdrivers

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This company will be attending the MBDs on Wednesday.

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