Maastricht Business Days Spring Edition 2020



Our 34 brands (in Germany) extend over four distribution channels: luxury products, professional products, consumer products and pharmacy products. In 2018, we achieved revenues of €26,9 billion globally. In Germany, the country with the fifth highest sales figures in the L’Oréal group, we are constantly looking for personalities to help us achieve our goal of attracting 1 billion new consumers

worldwide by 2020. For us, the consumer and his needs are the fundament for everything we do each day. Thanks to the tools and data that the digital world offers, we know exactly what the consumer wants –and doesn’t want. This is why we are convinced that beauty and digitalisation complement each other perfectly. Therefore, we had to adapt ourselves more than ever and continually reinvented our business and our ways of working. In order to maintain our leading position in a dynamic environment, we must be agile enough to identify consumer changes earlier than our competitors. This mission can only be achieved by working together as teams and shaping the L’Oréal of tomorrow.


This company will be attending the MBDs on Wednesday.

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