Maastricht Business Days Spring Edition 2020



Numidia BV is a young Dutch company specialized in the distribution, sales and marketing of dairy products and related ingredients. The company has developed into a leading multinational player in the dairy trade market and is active in physical (milk powders, whey products, butter, cheese, dairy blends and liquids), future and option trading. The head office is located in Herten (The Netherlands). Abroad there are branches in Dallas (USA), Singapore, Melbourne (Australia) and Montevideo (Uruguay). With a solid experience in dairy, we have built a strong network around the globe, enabling us to provide all our partners valuable market information, contract reliability, technical knowledge and operational excellence. Our customers and suppliers are located in more than 100 countries. Numidia has departments with commercial roles (trade), supply chain roles (operations), for finance, for data science and for quality. The company offers an international and dynamic work environment with colleagues from 16 different countries. Part of the onboarding program is the Numidia Academy (internal and external trainings). You will learn the essentials of your own job, but also acquires product knowledge and via E-learning you get a view on the other work and areas of attention. 

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