Maastricht Business Days Spring Edition 2020



Since its founding in 2014, ADVYCE has developed into a fast-growing, high-implementation strategy consultancy with offices in Munich, Düsseldorf and Berlin. With currently 50 consultants and a well-established international network, ADVYCE connects classic strategy consulting with modern technology, implementation competence and current scientific findings.

ADVYCE utilizes modern approaches, relies on interdisciplinary teams and cooperates with research institutions as a fixed component of the consulting service. For this purpose, relationships to outstanding chairs that combine research, teaching and practice are maintained. Network members and their international offices deliver a broad spectrum of additive services that complement the consulting approach and ensure a fast implementation of ideas at all time, e.g. with labs for prototype development.

In a digital world, technological competence is of fundamental importance and, at ADVYCE, an integral component of the consulting service. At all times, the ADVYCE team comprises competent and experienced consultants. In our projects for the development of solution approaches, we consciously use expertise or incubators from outside the industry.


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