Maastricht Business Days Spring Edition 2020

Allianz Consulting

Allianz Consulting

Allianz Consulting was established in 2004 as the internal consulting division of the Allianz Group.  Our vision is to be the consulting partner of choice for Allianz Group core segments. Our experienced consulting teams support all Allianz operating entities worldwide in planning and implementing their local key strategic projects. 

Our key to success is our diverse and experienced workforce from different areas of expertise and various backgrounds. Our 300+ colleagues enjoy sharing their knowledge, taking on personal responsibilities and challenges and working under a flat management hierarchy. 

We have projects all over the world. Our Consulting locations are spread over 5 different continents with headquarters in Munich and local hubs in Milan, Paris, Trivandrum and Singapore.

 Want to work in a team of consultants who drive strategic and innovative projects in the fast changing insurance market? Accelerate your career by joining Allianz Consulting.

This company will be attending the MBDs on Wednesday.

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