Student Guide Recruitment

Student Guide Recruitment May 6th - 13th, 2018

**Only a simple motivation letter is asked**

**Support for the Dutch Health Insurance and the Government Subsidy will be provided!!!**

Do you want to contribute to the study experience 
of new bachelor students in 2018-2019?

If yes, please join the SBE community and become a Student Guide yourself next academic year.

As Student Guide, you will be assigned to a small group of first-year bachelor students at the School of Business and Economics. This initiative wishes to make the integration and well-being of freshman to university and student-life smooth and enjoyable.

As a Student Guide, you will have three primary responsibilities: 
-  provide advice about practicalities students face when they move to Maastricht,
-  create a bonding environment through social activities and
-  counsel your students for future academic paths. 

With the help of SCOPE and the Study and Career Counsellors, we trust you will be able to provide a fantastic experience for the future first years.

What will you get as Student Guide?
Becoming a student guide will
- improve your organizing, leadership and communication skills and soft skills,
- get training from the faculty on guidance and how to counsel our first-year students;
- get the invaluable experience of helping first-year students get the most out of their time at the SBE.

Of course, you will be paid. It will depend on age ranging from € 8 to € 12 per hour.

Obviously, the highest effort and most important attempt have to be done at the beginning of the academic year, in order to make a strong positive impact and create an open environment within your assigned community. 

Need to know more?

Just contact Enrique! You can do that through

Meet him for a quick coffee chat or a small meeting

Interested? Apply now!
We are looking for students who can be in Maastricht during the Introduction Days (27 Aug. – 29 August). You must be present during these days, and you would get paid additionally on top of the 44hrs. On the side, if you are in Maastricht on 30 and 31 August, you will have the possibility to earn a little extra as a mentor for the Faculty Introduction Days organized for exchange students.

We’re looking forward to hearing from you and start working together on our SBE community!


Contact Enrique Vervoort, the head of the Communities System committee through