Maastricht Day of Management 2018

Sanne van Gorp
16 May 2017

Maastricht Day of Management (MDM) is an event annually organized by SCOPE Maastricht which gathers students and companies interested and operating in the Supply Chain and Information Management sphere with the aim of facilitating contact between the two parties, providing a platform for interaction and offering the possibility of future cooperation.

Maastricht Day of Management - The Link to Your Career

This year’s MDM took place on 16 May in one of Maastricht’s best conference hotels, Van der Valk Hotel, and welcomed over 120 students. Participants had been able to customize their schedule of the day by submitting their preferences for the Day activities offered by invited companies. 

The MDM 2018 hosted 11 companies* with different specializations and focus all requiring managerial skills and knowledge. The versatile nature of the mix of companies enabled students of various interests to profit as much as possible from participating at the event.

The Day was divided into two - morning and afternoon - blocks of workshop sessions held by companies themselves. Most dedicated one block to a workshop and the other one to a simulation of a job interview during which students were given the chance to experience questions and a setting similar to the real conditions they will be exposed to if they apply for a position in the company. Such activity provides them with an excellent tryout occasion to evaluate their performance, gain practice and therefore overcome nervousness and in addition, get feedback from professionals.

At the end of the day, a selection of students were invited to dinners with company representatives to network in a less formal setting and explore the work culture of the particular companies.

We are delighted to have received a very positive feedback from the invited companies and participants. It makes us proud to know that our students found the event of value and some of them even decided to apply for an internship at the visiting companies. Such news are a much appreciated proof that we were successful in helping them find their Link to Their Career.

Arvato, Bayer, BearingPoint, Boels, Calco, Detecon, Inverto, Meltwater, Sopra Steria, Telekom, Verovis