International Financial Orientation 2017 June 17th, 2017

Once again, this year's International Financial Orientation (IFO) to Ho Chi Minh City and Bangkok was an incredible success! Last month, 24 students, accompanied by Carl Vandenboorn of the SBE Finance Department, traveled to these rapidly developing cities. 

While abroad, they explored the business culture through various in-house visits at international and local firms such as: Deutsche Bank AG, BMW, KPMG, PwC and Gulf (Energy). The participants were also able to gain first hand insights into the cultural cores of Vietnam and Thailand through joint excursions to the old Vietnamese war tunnels in Cu Chi, temple sides in Bangkok and various explorations of the local cuisine, which in turn greatly influence the local business cultures. 

The reception of the IFO by all participants was outstanding and demonstrates the distinct value which it provides SBE students. Therefore, we would like to thank the Maastricht University School of Business and Economics, its Finance and Accounting Departments, Carl Vandenboorn, all participating companies and institutions, the partners and sponsors that have facilitated the contacts for the IFO, the participants and finally the organizing committee for making the IFO 2017 yet another successful one! We are looking forward to future cooperation with you for the IFO 2018 and other future events.