All the books that you need during your studies can be bought in the study store across the street at Tongersestraat 12 which is open during week days from 9:30 until 17:00. 

Note, that you will have to identify yourself as a member of SCOPE with a special sticker on your UM card. You will receive such a sticker when subscribing at the Faculty Introduction Days (FIDs) in the beginning of each academic year or you can pick one up in our office Tongersestraat 43. Our office hours last from 9.30 am until 5.00 pm. If you have questions about the book store, contact our Secretary.

It is also possible to buy your books online. To access the webstore, you will be redirected to an external source. Being redirected to an external source means that the issues that you may encouter on the next page will have to be reported to another organization. Click here to access the webstore.