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This is the newest committee in SCOPE  and is a collaboration with Maastricht Sustainability Institute (MSI). The committee aims to create a sustainable community within SBE through lectures, debate panels, and more. They also are responsible for making SCOPE an all-rounded sustainable organization and hope to help every student at SBE to do the same. Is this topic something that interests you? Are you enthusiastic about creating a more sustainable future? Then this committee could be the place to gain more and new experience!


Recruitment period - September
Estimated average workload: 3-4 hours/week.
(The average workload is indicated as an estimate for you to have a better idea of which committees are more demanding. Yet, these estimations are subjective and depend on the period and on the person, so they are subject to change).


  • Valentina Mokrova

    Committee Member

  • Hannah Sachse

    Committee Member

  • Corinna Meyer-Riedt

  • Jonas Vetter

  • Adina Tarbasanu

  • Nina Häring