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Student Consultant

Finance, Consultancy, Strategy Consulting
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About Student Consultant

We are Student Consultant - A consultancy firm, entirely ran by our ambitious and excellent students.

Ambitious and excellent students

Together with Bluepoint, Adaptif and N-Abled, we form L&vS Group. Our ambitious and excellent students carry out consultancy projects independently and support projects of both consultancy firms and the largest corporations of the Netherlands. We work in diverse and multidisciplinary teams, which are guided by experienced consultants. This way, we get to learn a lot from each other and we are able to maintain a critical stance towards our work.


The consultancy sector has different segments of consultancy services, where we focus on the segments Strategy, IT, Finance and Data & AI. Our specialised students can exercise their expertise on the aforementioned areas, in collaboration with large corporations, grasping the true essence of consultancy. 

Biggest and best student consultancy firm of the Netherlands

Student Consultant is a start-up that aims to be the biggest and best student consultancy firm of the Netherlands by 2025. We work very hard to realise our vision; “To give all ambitious students a head start at an impactful career.” You will proactively be part of this, by carrying out internal duties and consultancy projects in the fields of strategy, data, IT and finance, among other things.

Student Consultant - Attracting, evolving and inspiring ambitious students and getting them ready for an impactful career.

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